Tuesday, July 17, 2012

for the birds

ever since i watched a documentary about the plastic debris in the pacific gyre and the horrible death of abandoned fishnets can cause wildlife i always do this to the plastic nets so common now from groceries.

i melt the plastic net on my kitchen gas stove. even though I dispose my garbage responsibly i never know what would happen to it down the chain. it can wind up in the ocean or a stream.

this comes with garlic heads grew in the usa i bought

blew like sting

The forecast for Sunday in the Eastern Columbia Gorge was encouraging on Saturday. I packed Tatyana up with enough food for a few days. For the last week the Oregon weather has been sunny and static, not the kind of weather if you like sailing in heavy air.

I left very late on Saturday to avoid the traffic due to closure of section of I5 for repair. Unsure of where the likely best sailing spot is the next day I camped near Hood River which is essentially a safe bet. The wind was blowing briskly all night and it was all shaping up to be a breezy day in the river at Hood River. Still weary I woke up rather late of around 8:00am. but by then the wind has diminished significantly. The cloud has moved in and they are not the marine layer that would burn off as the day progresses.  I made coffee and ponder on the next step. I decide to drive East to Roosevelt, WA. By the time I headed off it was already near 9:00AM. I was not happy with myself. There is about 1 hour drive from Hood River, OR to Roosevelt.