Friday, May 9, 2014

i'd join the fray

on the biggest and most dubious rumor of recent time about anything Apple. FT reported that Apple is poised to acquire Beats for 3.2 billion. It make no sense to me. Apple has been very astute in it's acquisitions, unlike it's high flying tech/internet peers who has been praised by the evil Wall Street financial anal-ysts for their shopping sprees in the name of diversification and expansion.

seat covers for brunnhilde and isolde

I had used seat covers in Isolde for a long time. I had installed generic sheep skin cover from Costco in Isolde which I modified for a custom fit and these covered had kept the front seats in Isolde as if they had never been sat on even after 25 years. Over time I had realized a major drawback with sheep skin covers.

gumbo in portland

I didn't plan to make gumbo. This all happened spontaneously when I was down to only 6 oyster in shell in the refrigerator with nothing else left to make a full meal. I originally plan to make BBQ oyster (NOLA style that should be called grilled oyster) with them. I remember I still have some okras that are on the way out in the refrigerator. Gumbo - the light bulb in my mind lit up.

Monday, May 5, 2014

brunnhilde's bluetooth head unit firmware update - part 3

A man's with two mistresses is a bliss, or may be misery depends how you look at it. Brunnhilde is now upset because Isolde has been the center of attention, love and pamper. A while ago I tried to perform an important firmware update for Brunnhilde's head unit but ran into difficulty because on an error code.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

ramen in portland

Whenever I go to Japan I never miss the chance to explore good bowls of ramen. For a long time I have followed a few notable ramen blogs. Most of these bloggers are American expats living in Japan and have thousands of bowls under their belt (pun intended).