Wednesday, May 1, 2013

chiuchow braised goose shop 潮州鹵鵝店 - michelin bib gourmand

In my most recent trip to Hong Kong one of the good meal that I had was a Chiuchow braised goose rice 潮州鹵水. I was bumming around in the Sheung Wan district and I found this small Chiuchow restaurant 潮州鹵水店 on Queens Road. It was selected amongst the Michelin's Bib Gourmand for 2012.
Sheung Wan is one of the most interesting area of the city because you can find many very old businesses there. You can also see few so called tong lau 唐樓 meaning Chinese style buildings in the old Hong Kong.
you can see the red signs proclaiming the Bib Gourmand; the store been around since 1948!

It was lunch time and it was jam packed with office workers. I was not hungry that noon as I had a huge amount of dim sum in the morning.

blue cheese burgers - part 2

Practice make perfect, as the common saying goes. I often would remake a new dish that I like. Sometimes to gradually perfect it - in a stepwise refinement like in software development, and sometimes to use up the ingredients.

Recently I have been making, or should I say, remaking the blue cheese burger. It is just so delicious and I have gotten the process done the pad.

tom yum goong with live pacific pink shrimps

I started seriously making Thai dishes recently. I have made 2 trips to Thailand in the last 2 years and I love the food there.
I have made a few variation of soup based on tom yum goong. What I use is driven what I have on hand. Unlike in the US in Thailand a shrimp tom yum goong is prepared with and served with a good part of the head. The heads bring a lot of flavor to the soup and by discarding them you discard the flavors that is there otherwise.

leek soup

The first time I came across I knew immediately I would like it. I just knew that it would make a delectable soup with some cream and a good broth. Over the years I improvise my own versions. I started with versions that have quite a bit of cream and thicken with a roux.

gardening plumbings

I discovered Gardena products long ago when I was still in collage. It is this car washing brush which I still have today.
car washing brush - by twisting the black handle WRT the orange part you adjust the flow rate; i often use it for a light car wash without using any detergent; the brush removes all the loose dirt and the slow flow of water carry them away; very little water is used
In addition to the snap on quick connect function, it has a built-in valve so you can adjust the flow rate from fully off to fully open. It has gone though hundreds of car washing and yet it lost very few strands of the synthetic hair. Of course I have taken very good care of it and never leave it in the sun. Even the o-ring is original. Very very impressive German product.