Friday, August 17, 2012

young coconut

We have been having very hot days here in Oregon. One of the rare health drink to beat the heat is the juice of young coconut. It use to be hard to find these but in recent years I come across in most Asian stores including Korean grocery stores in my neighborhood.

While visiting Bangkok in December last year in a 100F day we bought this ice cold coconut from a street vendor. I have since love it. The best part is you know it is clean.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

korean meals

In the past weekend while I had quite a bit of Korean meals. It all started with a shopping trip to a local Korean grocery store which I bought a nice kettle days ago. I like this Korean store in particular because the lady cashiers always politely greet you with a pleasant smile. It also has a big selection of Korean cookwares for a cookware junkie.

eat, drink, play, and sleep

The lapse in recent post is due to very good summer we have here in the Pacific Northwest, especially if you like sailboarding or kiteboarding. I have been camping with Tatyana in the Columbia River Gorge more than half time in the past two weeks. I sailed everyday that I chose to stay there instead of home. I am grateful of the relatively cool summer which generally translates to many windy days. We have a lot of days in the lower to upper 80s F, and the nights were mostly in the 60s F. The breeze cool nights in the Gorge are godsend for a restful sleep to recover the aching body to ready for the assaults by nature the next day. For war wounds, I had bruised ribcage on both sides sustained from wiping out and being hit by freak breaking swells in the river.

I also have callouses on both my palms from so much sailing. Fortunately none develop into painful blister.