Saturday, April 5, 2014

some dishes i made lately

Just a collection of dishes I made recently. Many requires very little time.

lobster thermidor

Cooking is one of the most rewarding activity one can do at home. I have been cooking regularly since living in the college's on campus residence. I like cuisines from all cultures. There is so much to learn and explore and cuisines, ingredients, and the techniques reflect a lot about the specific culture, custom, and history. When I travel I always come home with new insights which expands my culinary repertoire.

pint size sauna

I have not been to H-Mart for a long time and I decide to go explore what new Korean merchandise it has. Portland has a large population of Koreans and there are many Korean grocery stores. Near me there are 3 stores operated by the owners of H-Mart. Riding on the popularity of Korean products they have now gone to town imported a lot of furniture and interesting products from Korea. They now have fancy heated beds controlled by microprocessor. These bed typically has a slab of natural stone like marble so you sleep on a very firm bed. One good thing about these bed is your strenuous activity would likely not keep the person in next room awake.

chinese grapefruit - 柚子

I brought this big pomelo (also called Chinese grapefruit) 柚子 while shopping in An Dong Asian Market 安東超市. In the past I had varied success of getting a sweet and juicy ones in the US. Very often the flesh has dried out, or just lack in sweetness. I have grew gun shy in taking the risk. Whenever I visit Hong Kong I like to buy one because they are more likely to be consistently good.