Tuesday, February 17, 2015

my german dish - meine leberkäse und schweinshaxe

I have been on a roll to try my hands on making dishes amongst the German cuisines. This is my first attempt to make leberkäse. Seems it is a pretty easy thing to make. I also tried making schweinshaxe - a common German beer garden (Biergarten) staple. My excuse for going wholehog? To break up the monotony of learning the German language. Why of all the languages, German, and for a Chinese? That would be another subject of my post to come soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

my german dish - weiner schnitzel

In my quest to learn German, I have recently been going though the common food and drink vocabularies. There is nothing more motivating than taking a food and drink break when you are sloughing though a rather challenging language for an Asian mother tongue. While I am not a stranger to German sausages, I have been reading up on those I have not explored, or only know the English names. Soon I want to try making many, from different regions.