Monday, August 6, 2012

nishiki market - kyoto

here is an photo album of nishiki market in kyoto - taken in april 2010


I was in Japan in April 2010. The trip was well timed as I got to see the cherry blossom.

While in Tokyo I visited the Tonki which is famous for it's tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets).

Tonkatsu is one of many Japanese dishes (like Japanese curry, and many pastries and cakes) that was adapted from the West but localized to the people's tastes. I have not met a Japanese expat that does not crave it.

intelligent venting fan

With the success with the prototyping of a low power circulation fan for Tatyanna I want to proceed to build a more refined assembly.

prototype of a 320mA 4.5" dia computer fan used as circulation fan

My intended goal of this fan is to mitigate cabin temperature rise due to solar gain in the summer. It is used in conjunction to many other measures I devised.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

pix of kitchen

I have meant to find some picture of the finished kitchen after the renovation and amazingly I have none. Here are a few dated back to 2009 Sept when it was beginning to take shape. Man! The picture quality is terrible. Taken in jpeg provided very limited post processing. I have been taking picture in Canon's RAW format which is provides huge post processing latitude.

viewed from living room towards family room/kitchen

i am what i eat

I know, it is a lame title and I chosen it as I would have so much posts of everyday meals. I want each title to be unique.

Least you get tire of my pan Asian dishes, I start off this post with a more Western looking dish. It is barbecue chicken served with watercress.

Do not be fooled by the Western appearance, underneath it is prepared with the best of both worlds - East and West that is. You see, I hate the disgusting store bought BBQ sauce of all kind especially the sugar laden ones. Other than the basic traditional condiments like fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and some specialty spicy sauce like saute sauce, I seldom waste money on sauce that promise you with a tasty dish.

barbeque chicken with chinese 5-spice 五香粉 and thai fish sauce 魚露