Friday, December 27, 2013

you too need a galaxy gear

That is if you think this ad is cool

To see what reactions from the web just search for "galaxy gear are you geared up?"

All I can say is - fire your ad agency and your promotions department staff that worked on this.

Love this comment on facebook: "Back when I did not have this "gadget", my life was empty. It had no meaning, an empty void. But after possessing it , I can do anything with passion and commitment. My life has meaning. In fact, I just learned Chinese while flying a plane upsides down blindfolded in outer space! Thanks Samsung!"

Thursday, December 26, 2013

washoku 和菜

I was watching NHK World recently and learnt the word washoku 和菜. UNESCO recently has identified washoku to be designated as a culturally intangible heritage. Washoku 和菜 means traditional home cooking that is passed down by generations. The host said that a lot of younger generation Japanese now have little idea what washoku 和菜 really is. Some surveyed thought it includes food dishes such as curry, fried pork chop (tonkatsu) and fried chicken. These dishes are yoshoku 洋食 - meaning they were western dishes that had been localized.

hummingbird slo mot - part 2

I posted a short clip of hummingbird slow motion video a few days ago. Today I have a chance to capture a few longer clips.

Monday, December 23, 2013

home made hummingbird feeder

To say that I am less than impressed with hummingbird feeders sold on the market is an understatement. Similarly is my dim view on most pet and garden products in general. Most of these feeders sold here are cheap craps made in PROC and sold at inflated price of 10x to 50x of whole sale prices. Hummingbird feeders on the market are the most gaudy and cheaply made products that you can waste your money on. Don't get me started about the red dyed nectar.