Saturday, June 6, 2015

fresh water capacity - brunnhilde part 5

I have been letting the design of the axillary water tank simmer by not rushing to a design solutions. I have been open to all options, especially the selection of the plumbing fittings. More and more I want to make it a convertible system in that it can be easily removed to free up the storage space. To this I want an elegant solution that is user friendly and robust fool proof - though well aware better fools are the tendency of evolution.

Friday, June 5, 2015

repurpose of faux hob - brunnhilde

I keep a notepad in Brunnhilde to jog down ideas or things that requires attention. Of course many things I jogged down but never get above the cut line. Some are enhancement projects that I let simmer often from a rough concept.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

fresh water capacity - brunnhilde part 4

I have been wasting too much time trying to procure the few Comet parts that is crucial to the success of this project. Amazing in this day and age of Global economy buying something retail from another country can be this freaking hard. The problems are currency conversion, banking, and shipping carriers. It takes a bit of smarts and time to make small purchases without paying too much in currency conversion and yes, shipping cost.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

fresh water capacity - brunnhilde part 3

Since yesterday, there is rapid progress on this project. I have been very doubtful if this is a good project given the pricy tradeoff of the precious storage space. Also can I execute a solution that is in keeping with what Westfalia has done in a well rounded product where everything is painstakely designed and refined?

Before getting further in the fresh water capacity augmentation project I should recap what the original first post I wrote but accidentally deleted due to an auto-save mishap. I tried to ascertain Brunnhilde's fresh water storage capacity. You would think this should be easy, just refer to the owner manual or the marketing material. It would turned out there are multiple inconsistencies in this capacity.

Monday, June 1, 2015

fresh water capacity - brunnhilde part 2

I spent a bit of time doing more research today after running into some challenges. I made some phone calls and to my amazement, I made some big strifes.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

that and that - oregon may 2015, part 3

Today is a blue sky sunny day here in Portland. Not my favorite kind of weather. I know it just sound so strange. I prefer overcast and cool days. Give me mid sixties (mid to high teens for those living in the metric world - that means just about everywhere out side the US of A) with a bit of breeze and I am happy as a clam. When the day gets hot, I go shopping.

fresh water capacity - brunnhilde part 1

I posted this post a few weeks ago on May 14. However thanks to the stupid autosave "feature" the post was trashed with a very early version. I hate writing the same article twice so grudgingly I am reposting this draft for now, and will refine it when I have time.

this and that - oregon may 2015, part 2

This is a catch-all post of diverse photos that would require separate posts.