Saturday, April 13, 2013

porterhouse steak with mathurini sauce

A couple of days ago I was informed that the 1/4 grass fed cow that I ordered was ready for pick up. While I was expecting it I had no idea which day the cuts would be ready. I took a journey of 180 mile round trip to the butcher. Being my first time buying beef this way I had very little idea how much meat there is. I was afraid that my eyes are bigger than my stomach when I ask the butcher to give me some bones.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

smoked game hen

When I go shopping at time I would see these little frozen birds called game hen. I had never cook with it and very curious what it taste like. I chance upon some for only $2.79 each at my local Winco supermarket. At this bargain price it is a nobrainer to give it a try.

itty bitty dishes

To save time and effort very often I cook in larger portions than I eat in a meal. Very often I cook enough for two meals. Recently however I have been cooking in portions for one meal. It is a trade off. Cooking fresh dish tastes better while cooking bigger batch save time. There is a happy medium, however.