Thursday, February 9, 2017

fancying for a porsche - part 3

Obsessing for a Porsche. That should now be the title. Must be the assault of the worst winter we have here in the Pacific Northwest this year that causes me to be obsessing for a Porsche. As with all major purchases I have been doing a lot of deliberations with all options considered. There are technical, financial, emotional, and practical considerations. I try not to limit myself on just the Cayman. I should reiterate that what rekindle my recent passion for owning a Porsche was watching how Porsche manufacture their cars, and a video about 911R. This post consists of my recent thought ramblings and the research that I have done that will eventually help me decide which car to get. The last thing I want is to regret my purchase. Very few cars would work out to be an investment and I have no disillusion. My goal is the best ownership experience versus financial expense.