Saturday, February 23, 2019

test, test, this is a test

I have been on the lookout for alternative oil for cooking. As I learnt more about cooking I begun to realize the importance of matching the oil to the cooking method. More important is the realization of the overhyped health benefit of common vegetable oils that is mass produced. Some oil like olive oil is not suitable for frying as it has very low smoking point.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

chiuchow pickled oysters 潮州醃蠔

I watched every episodes of this Netflix documentary about cuisines in Chaoshan 潮汕 and really enjoyed learning dishes that I didn't know. One that piqued my interest is the pickled oysters 潮州醃蠔. As it is a food and culture documentary there is no recipe nor the ingredients are listed, except the few that were mentioned. As soon as I watch this may be 2 minutes segment on this dish I had a very good idea how to make it even though I have never tasted it. I can taste it in my imagination. It is analogous to ceviche in which raw seafoods are cured in vinegar or citric juice, except high salinity condiments are used.

chiuchow oyster pancake 潮式煎蠔餅 - part 2

Based from the few improvement ideas that I had I made a small serving of Chiuchow oyster pancake 潮式煎蠔餅 for breakfast.  The holy grail for me is to achieve one with complex texture and mouth feel, that is crunchy outside and succulent inside without overcooking the oyster.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

chiuchow oyster pancake 潮式煎蠔餅 - part 1

Over the years I had attempt to make Chiuchow style oyster pancake 潮式煎蠔餅. I used my intuitions from what I observed the Chiuchow hawker making them on the street in winter. I didn't get to taste them as I couldn't had afforded one. The fragrance and sights etched in my young mind and I can still recall it vividly.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

chiuchow inspired fried rice with chicken scraps 潮州氣味炒飯

When I bought a chicken to make Taiwanese three cups chicken 三杯鷄 I made a vow that I would use all that came with the chicken. It came with a paper bag of chicken scraps, which included the liver, the gizzard, and the neck. I saved the liver and the gizzard, and use the neck to extract a chicken stock with the bones. Today I set out to cook the liver and the gizzard.