Monday, July 1, 2013

pan seared mahi mahi with parsnip cream sauce

Parsnip is one of the vegetable that has always intrigued me. I have never tasted it nor cooked with it. I first seen it on TV (as seen on TV?) cooking show. I think I can taste from watching and I imagine how it would taste. A few days ago I went shopping and they are sitting there taunting me. I decided to buy one and try cooking with it.

washing machine broke down - part 2

My earthly belongings have been conspiring against me lately. They are breaking down faster than I can repair them. I have been utterly depressed when my washing machine began to emit foul odor of burnt electronic PCB. I thought to myself the sign is not on my side. If one of the printed circuit boards is damage it would be a tall order to fix it as typically they are brand and model specific parts. Finding replacement part for this 18 year old machine would be next to impossible.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

more fish tacos

I have been eating a lot of fish tacos lately. It is amazingly easy to make. I have scored some very good fish from Trader Joe's. I also been cooking with parsnips. What a wonderful root vegetable.

crawfish and clam etouffee

Recently I have been quite fed up with the dumbing down of the cooking shows on my local PBS affliliate station. I started watching BBC Food on Youtube. I was inspired by Floyd's American Pie on Youtube.

brunnhilde's door catch

The door catch is a very important element of the thermal management for Brunnhide. For me the best way to keep the camper cool is to first try passive ventilation. If more help is needed try a solution that does not consume a lot of energy. In Brunnhide the skylight in the bathroom is the most important part of the ventilation. I rely on it when parked and camping. Depends on the weather I would leave it open in one of the three positions. The skylight sometimes is used in conjunction with the low power ventilation fan or just by natural cross ventilation with the other windows or the sliding door.