Saturday, May 18, 2013

brunnhilde's shower - part 3

The outside hand shower came with Brunnhilde is a nice metal one with a very good spray pattern. Not the one for the inside that came with the camper I bought pre-owned.

what is this vine?

I have this vine for over 2 decades. It was in front of the garage in my previous house. I moved it with me to my current house when I move. It has always been quite dormant until I replanted it in the more sunny spot where it currently is.

cheap and good pepper mill - hack

I have been using a cast metal pepper mill from France for a long time. It looks great but it does not grind that well. I have been wanting to buy a Peugeot for a long time but could not bring myself to pay the high price here in the US. Finally I came across one at good price in Vancouver BC. It grinds very well.

brunnhilde's cassette toilet - part 3

This is the third installment of converting Brunnhilde's toilet to the cassette type.
I planned to complete the exploration deep dive for a go/no-go decision of the conversion using option 3. Option 3 involves modifying the existing shower pan in situ.

Warning - some image may be offensive

Thursday, May 16, 2013

diagnostic tool for brunnhilde

Having experienced recent limp home mode on Brunnhilde it hastened my plan to buy a good ODB diagnostic tool. I had been waiting for a DAD (Doktor A Diagnostic tool) to come up for sale in the Sprinter-Source Forum but I decided not to wait indefinitely.

Monday, May 13, 2013

duck confit and more - part 2

I used to be afraid of eating duck. I used to be afraid of cooking duck as I had little idea what to do with it. My recent trying of my hands on making duck confit cured all these.

brunnhilde's cassette toilet

I am starting this series of post to  chronicle of my project in restoring the toilet in Brunnhilde's bathroom back to as Westfalia designers intended.

foto of brunnhilde

What's up with the title choice? I get a lot of traffic worldwide coming from Google search. I always enjoy the search phrases that Google search direct to my blog posts. Some of my choices of title are made to humor those looking for something else. Brunnhilde doing something seems to attract a lot of traffic from Russia.

If you like modern architecture and astute design the choices of a auto camper (aka motorhome) would be rather limited unless you build your own. To make matter more difficult, I have owned a VW Vanagon camper in which the coach work (everything that has to do with camping; in the other words beyond the Vanagon chassis) is designed and made by Westfalia. To me there is no better quality motorhome coach builder than Westfalia.