Friday, June 14, 2013

brunnhilde's slimming program - part 4

Today is the first dry day in nearly a week of incessant rain. I planned my trip well in the morning to dump the grey tank at the Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility. I then went to Home Depot to pick up a few fitting that I may need. I made good time to come home while the sky was still overcast to start with Brunnhilde's waste water discharge pipe conversion.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

brunnhilde's slimming program - part 3

The swimming pool vacuum hose I ordered arrived. I shopped around online and this one sold by Amazon delivers the biggest bang for the buck. It is made in USA and 27 feet long for just under $30.

material girl

Brunnhilde has been pampered with a lot of material goods lately. I signed up for the free trial of Amazon's Prime is one big reason of all these presents that had been thrust upon her. Better living through materialism.

braised grouper belly 紅燒班腩

There are many Chinese dishes in which the translation to English tends to - lets say lost in translation. For braising there are many words in Chinese depends on the manner how it is done, high heat or low heat, and the duration.

Monday, June 10, 2013

brunnhilde's cassette toilet - part 14

Saved by the bell. My fate would have it such that the toilet posts will not end at 13. Sometimes it may be better to steer safe of the unlucky numbers. The history of classical music has the curse of the ninth and there are many twentieth century great composers that fallen fate to the curse. For me avoiding a serial posts ending in the thirteen is only prudent.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

brunnhilde's slimming program - part 2

I did a bit more research to find a 1.5-inch ID ABS fitting that has a secure and easy to use joint as I mentioned in my post yesterday. This is a key component of my plan to rid the overbearing waste water discharge pipe on Brunnhilde.