Friday, January 18, 2013

soup noodles in thailand

Soup noodles are the ultimate comfort food for most Asians and I am no exception. They are so easy to make and you can prepare the broth and the ingredients in advance. Most versions are quite healthy and relatively low in calorie.
Here is a compilation of soup noodles I had in my recent trip to Thailand.

an evolution of basil pork - part 2

One of my favorite Thai dish is basil pork (moo pad kaprao). Not wanting to be corrupted by the Americanized Thai cuisine I actually ate very little Thai food in the US. I saved the enjoyment till I visited the country.
instead of buying ground pork I often just dice my own.

hot and sour steamed grouper

One reward in travel for me is expanding my experience with cuisine of different parts of the world. Often I come home with new perspective or just ideas for new recipe. Sometime I recreate a dish that I enjoyed during a trip. At another I take what I experienced and incorporate into dishes I already know (a sort of fusion).

My recent trip to Thailand is particular rewarding and I came home with a few dishes under my belt. Well literally too as I ate too much there. Amongst the great dishes I ate is this hot and spicy steam grouper I had while in Phuket Town. The cooking method is very similar to that of Cantonese cuisine of Southwest China (I have a post on this). The main difference is the garnish that are used - making this a Thai version of steam fish.

Monday, January 14, 2013

patong - thailand

Patong is one of the beach town that most tourist goes when visiting Phuket which is a peninsula in the South of Thailand. Phuket is quite hot and humid year round, even in the mid of winter when I visited.
promoting Thai boxing that night

golden triangle

We took a trip from Chiang Mai to the Golden Triangle at the Northern border of Thailand. It was an all day (12 hour) trip which involves may be 7 hours of driving. The itinerary includes stopping at a hot spring, the white temple, the Golden Triangle, and a short visit to a hill tribe.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

one great thai meal

This is one of the many best meals I had in Thailand. I was walking towards the Chinatown area in Bangkok one day looking for a restaurant cookware supply. I happen upon this restaurant full of people. Needless to say it is a sign they must have very good food. There is no English signs or menu. Fortunately they have photos of all the dishes.

thailand open markets

I never miss a chance to see fresh produce market when I travel. It is so much joy to see all the unfamiliar ingredients as well as the familiar ones.
 Here is a collection of photos I took in markets in Thailand.

an evolution of basil pork

I have recently made a number of meals with the Thai basil pork. Gradually I tweaked the recipe to make it more healthy. There is nothing wrong with the original recipe that consist of mostly minced pork if you also have a vegetable dish to go along with it.

While it is very delicious but I prefer a dish with less meat and more vegetable