Friday, February 9, 2018

porsche gt4 foto album - part 2

I have decided it is time to increase the size of the photos in the blog. Here are some photos that I did a better job in post-processing, mostly just cropping. The sizes are still limited by Blogger allows. I infer the maximum horizontal resolution is 1600 pixels. Must better than 99 % of images on the web.

new display monitor - part 2

Last year I upgraded one of my 24-inch Dell IPS monitors to a newer model with LED backlight, as one had a problem with the DVI interface. I purchased a Dell U2412M. It is a 1920x1200 monitor that Dell sells to enterprise and governments, not the typical 1920x1080 consumer monitors. While it is no where the resolution of the 5k display of the 5k iMac, it is the best value.