Saturday, December 13, 2014

fettuccine with crab, cuttlefish and clams 意大利扁麵和珍寶蟹, 烏賊, 蛤

I've really gotten into making fresh pasta. Today I made some fresh linguine again. I wanted to make a meal out of some of the live seafood I bought going shopping yesterday.

linguine with uni and clams 意大利扁麵海膽和蛤

This is the second time that I encounter live sea urchin (uni) at my Asian fish monger. The ones that I bought last time was small, and worst yet, there was hardly any roes inside. This time they were bigger. Being gun shy from the last experience I bought only one, not thinking what I would do with it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

kitchen thermometer 廚房溫度計 - part 2

A few days ago I received my poor man's Thermapen. It was a copycat product design to capture the market segment of people felt they cannot justify paying for a near $100 ($96 plus $2.99 shipping) Thermapen. The copycat product is Lavatools' Thermowand for a mere $24.99.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

sous-vide experiment 真空低溫烹調法 - part 2

There is no processed food in this household. Only meals made from scratch - real food, as opposed to food-like matters. This is my second post on my sous-vide experiments. I bought a chicken and I thought I would do more experiment with sous-vide cooking. My first trial and error of the chicken is cooking one leg/thigh with bone in. I didn't bother to do much research, just figure that 4 hours at 140 F should do it.