Wednesday, July 5, 2017

mini at the track - part 3

I have planned to write more about the track day with the Mini a few days ago. I however hit the publish button inadvertently. I have been very much looking forward to taking the Mini out onto the track with the list of recent modifications to prove out the pudding so to speak. As we would have it that day turned out to be a hot and sunny day for end of June. I was hoping for a cooler day. I should have brought my sun brolly.

Monday, July 3, 2017

mini at the track - part 2

misery is a small engine

The title is meant to be a lampoon of my other posts Happiness is another Small Engine. There is nothing more than I hate than the sound of lawnmowers in the neighborhood. Fortunately in my small neighborhood there are very few grass lawns. I only have a tiny stripe of circa 5 feet by 20 feet which I am undecided as what to replace it with. I bought this pre-owned Honda mower circa 30 years ago out of necessity. It has served me well and I only used it when the grass got so high that the neighbors can complain to the city and cite me. To me grass lawns has always been the most counter-productive elements of home.