Sunday, March 22, 2015

led lighting for brunnhilde - part 2

This has been a slow project, which I made no haste to complete. It is the flourescent light fixure above the dinner/lower berth. It is too bright for my use and consumes too much power compared what is possible today. I find no fault on the part of Westfalia give the year James Cook was built. In fact the company did admirable job to the length they went to contracted many custom lighting. Fast forward nearly a decade LED has come of age, with improved color spectrums and affordable. To me the flourescent bulb is ofen too bright for my need at this location. I want an ambient lighting rather than a task lighting.

As to the slow progress, partly I was undecided on the best approach to make the modification and wanted time to test out the design before commiting to the modification. Procrastinaion sometimes has its benefits. It allow me to ponder on the pros and cons of alternate approaches, without making bad decision under time pressure. Now the season in which I would make more use of Brunnhilde is approaching I spent a bit of time this morning to complete it.