Tuesday, May 7, 2019

the economy of a meal

I thought I would have some fun with the title. It is something that piqued my interest in preparing this dish. I splurged and bought some Alaska king crab legs and 3 pieces of halibut steaks from Costco. Both items I very seldom purchase especially halibut.

porsche love - part 2

Porsche is an aspirational brand and so is Apple. The main difference is the latter is an affordable one that is more accessible for most. I bought myself a little something - to borrow the Amazon's not so subtle tag line to entice you to spend.

Monday, May 6, 2019

trailex open car trailer towed by brunnhilde - part 2

When I bought Brunnhilde I would not have imagine that one day I would tow a car trailer. She served me well over the the years for my silent water sport. Now that I am really into performance driving on race tracks I managed to equip her with an open car trailer that is a marriage in heaven for this wonderful compact motorhome. Something that I nearly dismissed not being impractical given the 8,000 lb nominal weight of the James Cook plus circa 4,500 lb of car and trailer weight, all to be towed by a engine with 154HP/243 lb-ft.

mini love - part 50

I was very happy to complete the supercharger swap. The other major maintenance for the Mini is the diagnose of the vibration and shake which has been gotten worst started as a subtle tremor triggered by hard braking at the end of a long straight at the track. I suspected it is due to the CV joint(s) of one or both axles.

mini love - part 49

I had taken a month long trip to Asia in mid March. I planned all along to partake in HPDE days upon my return, and wanting to drive in the last two days of April. The problem is there is a long list of things to take care of in the street car named Desire before any track days can be entertained.