Tuesday, December 11, 2018

mini love - part 48

Once I was satisfied with the preliminary fit check of the Konig Dial-In wheel in 15x8, I proceed to order the other three for a full set. Amazon has 5 of these wheels and I bought 4, leaving one in their inventory. It would turned out that all 5 passed through my hands.

mini love - part 47

This is a catchup post. This event happened in October.

Wanting to have a wider selections of high performance tires for track I decided to switch from 16 inch wheels to 15 inch. It was not a simple switch as the Wilwood front brakes are too large to fit inside any 15 inch wheels. For the switch I had to reduce the brake rotors from 12.20" to 11.75". Even then only none but the few 15 inch wheels designed for track focus would fit, and just barely with next to no space between the caliper and the wheel barrel.

a couple of shrimp dishes

I haven't bought farmed shrimps for close to a decade now. I used to buy them back when they were not as widely raised. In recently years I only buy wild sea shrimps - US gulf shrimps. Need to say when you go out to eat, more often than not the shrimps are farmed, except in the high end places where the shrimps are the highlight of the dish.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

clay pot rice aplenty - 很多煲仔飯 part 2

I had written a post a while back called clay pot rice aplenty - 很多煲仔飯. This is a follow on post to it.  Clay pot rice tends to be eaten in the arrival of cool winds in the winter in southwest China. It is a one vessel meal and you cook everything in one pot, and serve it in the same pot. Some find making a perfect pot at home daunting. Like most things often we are the biggest enemy to success being afraid of failure. Practice and willing to experiment are the best teachers. In tech the latter is called dogfooding.