Saturday, November 14, 2015

new air conditioner for brunnhilde - part 9

My deepest condolence goes to the victims of the Paris terrorist attack. My country and the free world stand united with the people and the great nation that gifted us the Statute Of Liberty, and to  Paris that I fell in love immediately upon my brief 2 days visit.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

new air conditioner for brunnhilde - part 8

I was tired of being held hostage by the Oregon rainy weather. There is almost no end in sight for a true dry day. This morning seeing there is a break from shower and rain, I decided to go for it - raising the Mach 8 Cub air conditioner onto the roof, and fasten it down.

new air conditioner for brunnhilde - part 7

This is the make or break step of the installation of the Coleman Mach 8 Cub air conditioner. Everything hinges on the planning, design, and fabricating of the roof support. One of my criteria is to avoid drilling new hole and making cutouts to the extend possible. If possible, I would make my conversion work reversible - within reason and design tradeoffs.

new air conditioner for brunnhilde - part 6

I has been pouring rain here. Early on Halloween day I woke up with a cold sweat because I realize I was a dumb ass. I cover the 15x24" opening with 2 sheets of polyethylene remodeling clear sheet and duct-taped around the raise frame. I didn't think of when the rain water accumulates it becomes a bowl. The weight of a few quarts of water is significant.