Saturday, May 24, 2014

one of greatest modern industrial designer - dieter rams

Recently I have started using my Braun hand blender and it's accessory again. It has been sitting idle for many years. This reminded me how much I used to love buying Braun products. Not any more now. There is hardly anything Bruan make now that is worth the name it bears. Braun had started to lost its way almost immediately after Rams left. It lived on Rams' legacy for a few years and inevitably the product design steadily went downhill.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

why chinese companies use number in URL

I was very puzzled the first time I noticed numbers being used in URL in China. It turns out it is very common and there are very good reasons. For non-speakers of Western language Chinese, numbers are easier to remember than URL constructed with alphabets. For example, China Mobile uses 10086 as the base part of it's URL ( For regional subsites it tacks on "sh" for Shanghai and "bj" for Beijing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a home tour of pietro belluschi

To me the most noteworthy architects of Oregon are Pietro Belluschi and John Yeon both have done great works in architecture of now have come to be known as the Northwest Regional Style of the mid century modernist movement. Last week my friend and neighbor treated me to a home tour of Pietro Belluschi. I have seen two of John Yeon's houses and even entertained in the purchase of one sadly in need of restoration. I have not seen a house by Belluschi.