Saturday, January 26, 2019

scallion "pancake" 蔥油餅 - part 3

I have been looking forward to make a scallion pancake 蔥油餅 following this man's techniques. Today I bought some good scallion. I have never seen scallions this expensive before. Most are poor quality and the sellers makes the bundle smaller.

hong kong style stir fried noodles with julienne pork 港色肉絲炒麵

I have a small portion of mung bean sprouts left in the refrigerator. It is on the verge of going bad but I thought I can salvage it in making another stir fried noodle dish with all the ingredients I have. I only need to pick up a bag of stir fry noodles.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

glutinous rice made to order 糯米飯即製即吃

This dish is so delicious that is hard to resist the temptation of overeating one's servings. The ingredients that work with glutinous rice 糯米飯 is endless , as are the method of making one. I like to steam the rice in a bamboo KKK headwear, in a spit bowl looking contraption.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

dish with home made sour mustard green 自製鹹酸菜 - part 1

I have been really looking forward to make dishes with my first batch of home made sour mustard green 自製鹹酸菜. Today I gathered a few ingredients that I have in the refrigerator, all of which were not pre-planned with any dish in mind. I made this stir fried dish using some sour mustard green. I've loved Chinese sour mustard green ever since a kid.

led lighting for brunnhilde - part 2

Spring is only 60 days or so away. Time to plan ahead for some maintenance and long due enhancements for Brunnhilde. Many are small projects that I wanted to do for a while. Some of these are due to mission changes such as towing of a car trailer, as well as the types of camping.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

yang chow fried rice 揚州炒飯

I have been really into making some lunch time favorite dishes in Hong Kong Cantonese restaurants. Today I made Yang Chow fried rice 揚州炒飯. This is a simple dish but does has its challenges. The ingredients are quite simple and inexpensive. There are two most important attributes in a successful execution. One is achieving the fluffiness and the other nutty tasting rice without being oily.

stir fried eggs with shrimps 虾仁炒蛋

Stir fried eggs with shrimps 虾仁炒蛋 a southern Chinese dish that most household would make from time to time. I have some frozen wild Gulf shrimps that I want to use up so I thought of making this dish.