Monday, January 21, 2013

fujian 福建 - 2011

In the winter of 2011 I took my first trip to my parents' home town in Fujian province 福建省 in China. With me was my brother and my cousin who lives in Macau. We flew from Macau to Fujian. We stop by this newly build cultural museum.

guangzhou 廣州 2011

In the winter of 2011 my brother and i took a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou 廣州. Until then I had never been to Guangdong 廣東 province before even though it is just adjacent to Hong Kong 香港.

lin heung kui 蓮香居

This is a follow on post on my two other posts about a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong - Lin Heung Lau 蓮香樓 part 1 and part 2.

Located in Sheung Wan, Lin Heung Kui is one of the three restaurants operated by the same owner. This one is in less than a mile from the more widely known Lin Heung Lau 蓮香樓 located in the Central district. In the latter part of my stay in Hong Kong I came here to Lin Heung Kui 蓮香居 instead to avoid the crowd.

lin heung lau 蓮香樓 - part 2

I had been wanting to complete my post on Lin Heung Lau 蓮香樓 and it's sister restaurant Lin Heung Kui 蓮香居
I visited this restaurant for dim sum and later it's sister restaurant daily when I was in Hong Kong recently. They have the most complete selection of authentic dim sum and retains the relatively plainer traditional Cantonese tastes. All too often dim sum dishes today tended to be adulterated with sugar and MSG to impress palates dulled by eating too much sweets.