Wednesday, December 20, 2017

fun facts of the day

Dec 20, 2017
If you think that you are getting a tax cut, as most if not all the credible US media reporting, you may be surprised. One less known and reported change is the $10k local tax deduction cap. If you live in one of the states that has high property as well as state income tax, you will be f*cked.

Oh! What I want to write is the Amtrek derailment. Why are all the media focus on the safety device that hasn't deployed? This is the virgin trip. How the hell can this happen? It is not only the engineer (the idiot that drives the locomotive), but all that are involved with this changed route that save number of minutes. Where are the due diligence and safeguard? There are countless people and entities to blame for this gross negligence - and this including, Amtrak management, (real) engineers, mechanics, supervisors, regulators, and you the NTSB.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

asia trip, 2010 - beijing part 3

There are 74 photos so knock yourself out.

asia trip, 2010 - beijing part 2

There are 70 photos in this post.

asia trip, 2010 - beijing part 1

We were there in the mid of winter, and it was bitter cold.

asia trip, 2010 - kyoto part 2

asia trip, 2010 - macau

Just a short stop in Macau.

asia trip, 2010 - kyoto part 1

We spent a lot of time in Kyoto.

asia trip, 2010 - takayama

Some day, I may come back and add the videos that I took, but these photos have to do for now.

asia trip, 2010 - osaka, beppu, and fukuoka

asia trip, 2010 - tokyo and matsumoto

Unfortunately I took mostly video and very few photos. Video is extremely time consuming to process and I learnt my lesson. Video also takes a lot more time to capture and very tiring.

Monday, December 18, 2017

repairing thinkpad t400s hinge

Recently I notice one side of the screen of my Thinkpad T400s bulges out. Upon closer examination I realize the bezel has separated from the LCD screen cover. I know if left unattended to, the stress will eventually break the LCD display, in addition to causing damage to the LCD display cover.

chinese vegan food ingredients 素食 - part 2

I made more of this braised dish with seafood with Chinese vegan food ingredients. I use a variety of seafood as well as home made char siu.