Friday, February 15, 2019

taiwanese three cups chicken 三杯鷄 - part 2

I made another pot of Taiwanese three cups chicken 三杯鷄 using the other half of the American big breast chicken. I used more the less the same procedure and ingredients. The main addition are some red bell pepper that I forgot that I have in the fridge. I also used some Chinese drinking white liquor (aka rocket fuel) in addition to the cooking liquor. This pot tastes even better than the one from the day before.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

chaoshan 潮汕 and vicinity food documentary series

I can never have enough of culinary shows, especially ones that are well made. Netflix just released a new Netflix Original documentary series - Flavorful Origins. Season 1 covers Chaoshan 潮汕 and vicinity (including Chiuchow 潮州) food even to me I discover so much I didn't know and how diverse and blessed the region is.

taiwanese three cups chicken 三杯鷄

I don't generally buy whole chickens. The reason is American chicken are bred to have a lot of breast meat, and I dislike white meat especially when a chicken has disproportional amount of it. I can buy Asian breed chickens and I have occasionally over the years. My experience here have been they have been frozen and often for too long so the flavors are lost.

Monday, February 11, 2019

roasting coffee at home - part 2

I have been roasting my own coffee for 4 or more years now, with the most elemental of equipment and that is not about to change anytime soon. I am still using the same pieces of equipment that I blogged in 2014.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

shanghai thick noodles with dungeness crab meat 上海蟹肉粗麵

This is what I call opportunistic meal made from the assorted ingredients, most from leftovers of other dishes. I had a Dungeness crab a few days ago and as always I could eat it all in one setting. I harvest the meat from the body and saved some juice and tomalley in the refrigerator. I need to use them up before they go bad so what to do?

chiuchow fried rice with salted radish 潮州菜脯炒飯

I have a bag of Chinese preserved radish that I recently opened to make pan fried beef buns 生煎牛肉包 with. I also have abundance of ground beef that I try to use it up for different dishes. I thought of using some of the beef to make a beef fried rice dish. Then I conceived a rough recipe to make a Chiuchow fried rice with salted radish 潮州菜脯炒飯 inspired by the one that I had while in Hong Kong five years ago.