Friday, December 19, 2014

docsis 3.0 cable modem + gateway - now earning its keep

My iPad was taking forever to load a web page. I tried a few sites and they were all slow. Later in the night, I used my Thinkpad laptop and the problem persisted. I have experienced wifi performance degradation at my house from time to time. Usually it will "cure" itself after a while. The degradation also tends to happen at one end of the house which suggest the likely direction of the offending interference(s).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

salmon with ocean sauce - 三文魚和海洋汁

Wanting to have a change of dish for dinner, I took out one of the salmon fillets that I cleaned and vacuum-bagged in late summer. Still with some shellfish ingredients I decided to make my version of a fish with ocean sauce I had while in New Orleans this early spring.

still more home made fresh pasta - 更多意大利扁麵和珍寶蟹, 烏賊, 蛤

I have made may be 4 batches of fresh pasta in this couple of weeks. I have now developed a work flow that is efficient and least fuss. Once you tasted good fresh pasta, it is very difficult to lower yourself to eat those made from dried, except for the reason of expedience. It will continue to eat dried pasta occasionally, especially when camping with Brunnhilde.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

pining for boudin

I had boudin for the first time in my road trip to the great state of Louisiana last winter. Before that I had no idea how they taste. Rice in sausage seemed so strange, why would anyone do that, I thought. Immediately cross the state line, I pulled off the highway into a greasy spoon for breakfast. I curbed my expectation as it was a all you can eat buffet. They have one kind of boudin amongst other mostly pork dishes. The boudin was dull with not a whole lot of taste. I would have to wait until I get to the real Creole and Cajun restaurants much later to taste the real boudin.