Thursday, May 28, 2015

dc fridge conversion - isolde part 6

No more procrastination. Today I crossed the Rubicon - cutting the Westfalia's factory refrigerator face frame. I was a nervous wreck worrying of messing it up. It is very easy to, trust me so I have to pause and think through each step. Also, safety first as you don't want to have a mishap with the table saw. I pay respect to power tools.

Plastic laminate chips extremely easily. More so I have cut the frame into very narrow strip on the top side. While table saw give you a very uniform and square cut, it has drawbacks. In this case since I am enlarging the inside of the frame the blade cannot finish the cut.

Monday, May 25, 2015

dc fridge conversion - isolde part 5

Measure three times and cut once, experienced carpenters would say. Mistakes from oversight or under thought is very costl. And in this case will lead to perpetual sorrow, as there is no second chance if I mess up the factory cabinetry. This is why I am taking a lot of time to plan out the conversion. Most of the implementation details only come to light as the work progresses. I often step back and sit down to stare at the challenge and ponder on alternate approaches to the best solutions.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

dc fridge conversion - isolde part 4

The wait is over now that I have the Formica plastic laminate that I special ordered. Figuring how to cut the 3 x 8 feet Formica is a hard part when you don't have specialty tool of the trade. Over the years I worked with Formica a bit and is never easy. In the old days they tell you to score with an utility knife and then snap it. I can tell you from experience that never ends well.