Friday, September 14, 2012

chill is in the air

The summer has just flew by. This year is my return to to boardsailing after a 7-year hiatus. When I went sailing the first day, I could hardly sail a couple of tacks because I was so out of shape and the disuse of the muscles groups. I was quite worry that I would be unable to resume the sport with my very sinky 35-liter board. 

espresso machine repairs

Like most people who enjoy coffee, I used to pay relatively little attention to how to make a good cup of coffee. Over the years I have owned and worn out many automatic drip coffee makers, grinders, and a $99 espresso maker. I would at times buy middle of the road whole beans and grind them just before brewing. I have worn out a Braun burr grinder in the process. Most of my drip coffee makers were also Braun. When I am camping I would make drip coffee manually with a simple pour over filter. The coffee were drinkable, but never outstanding but often better than most decent restaurants serve after a meal (yes they are typically less than acceptable given how much they charge).

About 5 years ago I begun to look for a better quality espresso maker. Like many would be semi-serious espresso DIY drinkers I was first drawn to a pair of low price Italian entry level machine combo.

rancilio silvia
rancilio rocky grinder

Thursday, September 13, 2012

filters for brunnhilde

I have been wanting to change the engine oil for Brunnhilde quite some time now. What kept me from the maintenance work is figuring which brand of OEM filters to buy. While there are reputable manufacturers of after market "OE quality" parts, they qualities are not all equal. Each time I went shopping on the web the availability of different brands changes. Many list a number of possible brands so what you get is a crapshoot.

Eventually I decided not to waste more time and ordered from a vendor that seems likely to delivery what I expect. That requires reading between the line of the descriptions very carefully - something I do quite well from my professional experience.

the content costs over $200 USD