Sunday, September 30, 2012

belgian waffles

I almost forget there is a package of Belgian waffles I bought at Trader Joe's. I seldom eat sweets and this including sweet dishes. I saw the Belgian waffles in Trader Joe's flyer that came in my mail one day. What piqued my interest was it is made in Belgian. I decided to pick one up while shopping in the store.

pan seared scallops

Today I planned my trip in the morning. I went to UPS store to ship some used part removed from Tatyana which I was able to sell online. I also went to Costco to return a Samsung security DVR which I was not satisfied. Instead of taking the Mini I took Tatyana so when I return home, the engine oil would be hot to ease the engine oil change. A well-laid plan to start the

I arrived to Costco when it just open. I can do the shopping quickly and avoid the late saturday morning traffic returning home too.

A surprise fine at Costco are these Italian crystal wine glasses - 8 for $24 works out to be only $3 dollars each. I have been wanting some crystal wine glasses a long time but had been unwilling to pay $10 or more each.
italian crystal wine glass

filters for brunnhilde - part 2

Today I set out to change the engine oil and air filter on Brunnhilde. Recently Napa Automotive Supply has Mobil 1 synthetic oil on sale for $5.98 a quart. This is about $0.50 cheaper than the lowest retail price. I stocked up 24 quarts enough for more than 2 oil changes.

Brunnhilde has engine oil capacity of 10 quarts (with filter change). My existing oil catcher pan is way too small so I bought this big one at Walmart. While it is not ideal, at ~$8.90 it is less than other automotive supply stores charge.

new oil catcher pan from walmart