Tuesday, November 6, 2012

korean cold noodles

I am not too crazy about entree that is served cold. May be is just I am aware that our taste receptors don't work as well in cold. Case in point, you have to add much more sugar in a cold drink such as ice coffee to taste the same sweetness than if you drink the same coffee hot. Likewise in Northern China there are appetizers that are served cold. To make them tasty the flavor and seasoning have to be more concentrated than if you serve them hot.

Monday, November 5, 2012

curry chicken and glutinous rice in banana leaf

I have 2 groves of banana plants in my property. When I first bought the house I was so surprised to see a grove of banana plant in the backyard. I had no idea that it is possible for banana plant to survive in mild Pacific Northwest. In the first winter everything above wilted from winter freeze. The blustery weather in late fall also tends to batter the leaves.

I would learn that despite how sad the plants look, new shoots would spout each spring, and the new growths of the year would reach great height by the end of the summer. I took some small shoots together with enough rhizome and planted a grove in the front yard.
leaves battered by the blustery autumn storms
I get a lot of surprised remarks from passerbys and neighbours alike. A few weeks ago I gave away a few shoots to a passerby so he and his wife too can have banana plants in their yard. They were very happy.