Friday, May 30, 2014

ramen in portland - part 2 中華料理拉麺

The challenges for home cook in preparing a more involving dish is lacking in the economy of scale in which a specialized restaurant has. For someone's most cooking is for a party of one the challenges multiplies. Over the years I adapted and developed methods to alleviate them. For example, when making stock I make a very big batch but leaving the soup base open to a wide variety of possible end dishes. I also learnt that to prolong the shelf life of the stock by re-boiling it after a few days.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

royal concertgebouw orchestra

During my brief visit to Amsterdam a few years ago I had the fortune to attend a concert at the Royal Concertgebouw. I was walking around the city after visiting the Van Gogh Museum in the morning and right in front of me was the Royal Concertgebouw concert hall. My fortune would had it that a concert by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra was to start in 10 minutes. I rushed to the box office and were able to snatch a last minute ticket.