Saturday, January 3, 2015

a seafood paella

My first taste of real paella occurred during my brief visit to Amsterdam a few years ago. While Amsterdam is a great city, for a first time visitor finding an restaurant that serves edible meal can be quite challenging, especially in the tourists districts. I knew all too well to avoid the usual tourist traps. I would use my instinct to survey the restaurants, and by observing carefully the clienteles. It is generally a good sign when you see what appears to be mostly local regulars. Better yet if the staff or owner welcome them warmly.

material girl - part 2

Brunnhilde likes to help me cook. When we travel we do a lot of home cooking on the road, so for her a sets of well appointed kitchen cookwares and service only make a lot of sense. When I first acquired a camper my initial tendency was to only put not so good cookware and service in there.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

malkki conducts cso

photo linked to CSO

I have the habit of tuning into the weekly broadcasting of Chicago Orchestra Symphony (CSO) and New York Philharmonic (NY Phil) whenever I can. Like some folks would do in the days before digital music I often make a recording of the entire program using minidisc.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

cantonese slang and underworld secret phases 廣東濁語和黑社會暗號 - part 2

Very often I am in search for Cantonese written words that are commonly used in Hong Kong and Guangdong (Canton). I have written before that Cantonese, and especially those developed in Hong Kong can be very colourful often with an undercurrent of dark humor.