Thursday, July 26, 2012

james cook enhancements - part 3

I have compiled a punch list of future enhancements for my camper which are yet to be implemented. Some are in the prototype stage while other are just concepts. There are also a number which I rejected before actual implementation.

I tried to avoid falling too much in love of any initial ideas. To be implemented I have to convince myself that the change is for the better and weight the pros and cons carefully. Amongst the considerations are:
  • how long would the device last?
  • would replacement be available should the addition fail; and if not would it leave an eye sore?
  • does the change require cutting and hole drilling, and if it is reversible?
  • do the benefits out weight the drawbacks?
  • am I trying to solve a problem that does not exist?

LED task light for the kitchen counter
One recent enhancement that I envisioned but was aborted after the prototyping is an Ikea LED light fixture. While the James Cook design has no shortage of lighting I thought I would like a bit better illumination onto the kitchen counter where all the food preparation is done. The two halogen lights (which I reduced from 20W to 10W) under the cabinet throw out enough light for working in front of the burners and sink. My left arm always cast a shadow when cutting on the counter. I found this clean and sleek LED fixture at Ikea (for about $20) which I planned to mount on the top of the upper cabinet projecting out a couple of inches as a task light for the counter.

led light fixture from ikea - it is the best looking fixture ikea ever carried

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

more gorge trips

The absence of new posts in the last week were due to my love fest short trips with Tatyana in our never-ending honeymoon. While I have broadband with my iPAD writing an engaging blog is a royal pain with it and I simply would not do it. My biggest mistake with the iPAD is not go with Verizon which has wifi hot spot function and AT&T crippled it. att - i hate you! I chosen the AT&T version because it is more compatible with overseas spectrums/modulations.

7/18/12 was a relatively mellow day around Hood River, OR. It was a very good day for me trying to get back into shape after a 7-year hiatus from boardsailing.

tatyana scored a prime real estate - in the shade and a nice breeze; with the homemade sun shade deployed