Monday, February 25, 2013

clam linguine

Most of my food posts on my blog are Asian Cuisines. They are what I cook most in recent years. Occasionally I do make Western dishes, often with a bit of Asian sensibility. Some time for healthy eating, the others for practicality of what I have on hand.
For this dish I use some jumbo size clams I came across. They weight quite a bit due to the thick shells. I bought 5 and they weighted in slightly over a pound.

one-strike spliting

Following the falling of a number of trees in my yard I went and researched for a good firewood splitter axe. I settled on the Fiskars 7854 x25 28-inch splitting axe. Base on the product spec and descriptions it is a well engineered tool with many innovations. I figured if anyone know how to make a good splitting axe, the Finns should be among them.

hot pot 打邊爐

Most Asian culture has a hot pot or hot pot like dish. Many has a few different version and Chinese is no exception. Korean ones typically are quite spicy as well as (heat) hot. Japanese has shabu shabu which is very mild.