Friday, March 14, 2014

road trip - spring 2014, part 4

This is the forth installment of the series of post on a road trip during the spring of 2014.

i brought 2 bottles of this gigondas from home - it is so smooth

like many a tourist i too wanted to give cafe du monde a try
i am no stranger to their coffee in a sense; i used to buy their coffee in a can which you can find in most vietnamese grocery stores; i was quite skeptical drinking the coffee they made on premise is any better than the ones you brew with their ground coffee from the can
as i expected, the coffee is very plain and uninspiring except it is made with the novel roasted chicory intended to stretch the coffee beans that was in short supply during the war; a german chinese lady that i later met will affirmed to me their geignets is over-the-top sweet
crew cab trucks with short bed are very popular from Texas to Louisiana; i was surprised most are not diesel; they typically have very big gasoline V8 engines; loaded with options (= big $); and most important - very loud exhaust system

no better way to get female tourists to part with their loose change

a problem with parking in the French Quarter is there is a time limit of 2 hours - and the meter maids (sorry if you are male hired to do the job) are very diligent in their enforcement
one afternoon i made it to the Mother's for their famous po' boy sandwiches; if you are driving like i was i is a royal PIA for their location
 fortunately it was a weekday and I was spared by the tourist mob
 they have a very big menu
i am not into po' boys with deep fried seafood so i ordered the one with roast beef, ham, and pulled roast beef with the meaty juice
i was quite wary that wildly success of the store's from tourism would have corrupted the once good food here; i have to say my po' boy is very good; however i would take a very good cuban sandwich anyday

so this is how they maintain and repair those iron balconies
the streetscapes are so european

like something you would only see in europe - a stable door with no-nonsense steel corners to protect it from bad lorry drivers

 i was so infatuated with many of these period architectures with their high ceilings

 snacking on the andouille sausage bought at Wayne Jacob's
 it is very smokey but lacks umami that is naturally in the meat if handled properly
i sent this photo to my friends and tell them the living were so noisy i chose to spend the night with the ancient dead
no visit to new orleans is complete without a visit to one of many historic cemeteries

 someone gave his life to world war ii

 the public housing complex adjacent to the cemetery being torn down
central grocery was one of the places that i bookmarked to visit in my trip; like many places in louisiana you have to check their schedule or else you would be disappointed to make the effort and only to be greeted with a closed door
 beside the time-frozen interior decor the store is famous with their muffuetta

 behind the counter is an army of staff preparing a stockpile of muffuletta before the onslaught of the tourists

 these were the stuff that i bought - the salami is one of the best italian salami i found here in the US
knowing they are big, i bought only 1/2 of a muffuletta; the muffuletta was very good; if there is anything i can say is i would like a bit more meat and cheese
during the trip i make my own coffee - with which most were with the home roasted beans i brought until they were depleted

it was a cold wet day but i would take it over 110F with 95% humidity

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