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fancying for a porsche - part 5

The closing process is underway. Because this is a long distance purchase there are many moving parts and dependencies. I did my parts expediently. The vehicle would be shipped via enclose carrier. I am eagerly looking forward to the arrival.

The last time that I have this fever was back in 2004 that I ordered the 2005 Mini Cooper S across the country from Ohio. At that time the Mini Cooper market was very hot and buyers in the West Coast have to wait over a year to get one. Today these Mini's are extremely ordinary, but my love for the vehicle hardly diminish.

Mini was bought over the internet back in 2004 from Ohio, sight unseen

the Mini back in 2004 just arrived from Ohio; across the street is my gen 1 Mazda MX5

While I was still shopping for the Cayman GT4, I have wondered why and try to rationalize the big purchase. It serves no functional purpose over the Mini. If I just invest a few thousand dollars into the Mini I can increase the daily fun factors greatly. I would swap in a complete set of adjustable coilover springs/dampers. Install a bigger supercharger pulley to slightly increase the engine horse power and torque, and install a LSD in the next clutch service. I have no idea when would be the next clutch service since I never abuse the clutch so the LSD will be a long shot upgrade. The truth is the Cayman GT4 is purely a emotional desire and a luxury toy.

Mini with SSR light weight semi-forged wheels

a set of adjustment coilover springs/dampers with camber plates can greatly increase fun factors of the Mini

still like new after 12 years

Originally, I wanted to give to one of my family members the Mini as it is pristine and has extremely low mileage. The problem is none of them drive manual gearbox. Because of this the Mini will stay as my daily driver. I still likely go forward with the modifications to increase the fun factors. The Mini has been my bast car I owned and the most livable.

 I am keeping the Mini to be the runabout

I have not mention one other reason that I decided against a new Cayman 718 S. When I saw the added plumbing complexity of the new 2.5 liter turbocharged engine, I became very wary of the added difficulty of serving the engine. Being the mid engine car the added complexity makes the servicing that much more difficult.

Cayman 718 S turbocharged 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine and the complex plumbings associate with the turbocharger

Cayman GT4 6-cylinder engine

Below is the video that you can see the essentially race car suspensions.

PCA talked to TPC Racing about the underpinnings of the GT4

Having watched the underpinnings of the GT4 it is good to watch this similar video on the 2017 Cayman 718 S and the Boxster S. One can see some of the designs of the Cayman GT4 appears to be adapted to the new cars.

the underpinnings of the new 4-cylinder Cayman 718 S and Boxster S

some hard reality of having fun on the track; crashed at 0:36 and it was not being pushing that hard; it is a GT4 Clubsport totally destroyed

this is one of the most interesting and informative forum topic of Porsche's GT car, especially what transpired with the Cayman GT4, and within it this is the best post that I agree with every point the poster made despite that I still yet to own my first Porsche.

My Cayman GT4 is scheduled to be shipped from across the country via enclosed carrier. It is virtually new with very low mileage.

the smartphone photo distorts the proportions of the car

it has carbon ceramic brakes

just the most important performance options and leather package with contrast sitchings

the tires show no sign of ever been tracked or abused

this is not my car but I just cannot get over how well this photo captured the elegance of the white Cayman GT4 Clubsport; those are the wheels that I would have chosen

versus Porsche's promotional image of the yellow;

the Porsche DME reports found no engine overspeed (over-rev) whatsoever

This Porsche specialist site has a good overview of how to interpret the 6 levels of overspeed. For the Cayman GT4 1 and 2 are considered acceptable, and 3 is OK.

While searching for a different perspective of the Cayman GT4 engine I just found this web page that has the best cutaways as well as depictions of the special parts over the production Cayman models. Below are some jumbo size photos that I linked from the site. I am so glad to have found these detailed computer generated cutaways. By studying them closely I know so much more about how all the major components are packaged into this uncompromising driver's sports car.

this is the last Cayman/Boxster with the NA flat-6 engine before being replaced by the current 718

I already know most of the unique items in these crosssections. One thing that surprised me is the manual gearshift which is regarded to be one of the best with the shortest throws - the linkages between the gear lever and the transmission relies on two cables.

note the two linkage cables for the manual gearshift

I want to add this video of the 911R, which was the car that I started with my recent Porsche fever that ultimately led me to the Cayman GT4. I would take it over a 911 GT3 or GT3 RS. I can see a 911R or the next 911R like Porsche in my future if one could be found at reasonable price but today it is just a dream.

the historical lineage of the 2016 911R to the 1969 original

the paint scheme is gorgeous

and a German video - which helps me learn German; BTW my wanting to take European delivery of the new Cayman 718 S was to force myself to get up to speed with conversation German within say 4 months of lead time

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