Monday, July 3, 2017

mini at the track - part 2

The last time the Mini at the track was 10 years ago.

After I signed up with the high performance driving class I checked my helmet and it will not be accepted for use. It is a Snell SA2000 helmet and most events now requires Snell SA2010 or Snell SA2015. With the event less than 2 weeks away I immediately shop for a helmet. Shopping for a Snell SA helmet locally would prove to be very challenging.

my hardly used Snell SA2000 Bell helmet is no longer accepted for use on race tracks

I ordered this new Bell Snell SA2015 helmet from Summit Racing but unfortunately it fits too loosely; Summit has excellent return policy and I returned it

with just 4 days before the event I was in a bind; I order this Pyrotect as the company is in Oregon; the helmet arrived in one day via UPS and it saved my hide

I brought this pair of Simpson driving shoes to the event but I didn't want to wear out the thin soles so I planned to put them on at the track. I even tried them on at home to be sure they fits well.

It turned out the soles of the Simpson racing shoes is so crappy it turned into dust after sitting around 10 years. This is what you get with company that sells overpriced racing gears. In the photo also is my cheap Costco walking shoes which makes excellent driving shoes due to the lightness as thin soles.

This pair of Simpson driving shoes cost $109 today, and it one prime example of shit product without any reliability test.

there is a GT4 Clubsport there too - it is my first time seeing one first hand

I met this couple at the track with their Miata. We were in the same group and we came to find out we are neighbors. His house is less than 0.5 mile from mine and we have never met until now.

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