Sunday, July 9, 2017

mini love - part 17

The Mini killed two tires at the recent track day. Like a bad parent, I immediately went shopping for a replacement set to reward bad behavior.

one (right side) of the two tires that Mini destroyed at the track event

this is the inside side

the thread width is just under 8 inch wide - it looks wrong because of the iPhone wide angle lens

each tire weights in just over 21 pounds

I like to joke that since I would be driving at PIR the Mini deserves an asymmetrical set up like Nascar so the asymmetrical Falken Azenis tires are the ticket to victory

they have asymmetrical tread design; made in the country of the rising sun 日本

I really like the light weight SSR Spec C 16 inch wheels (also made in Japan) that I bought in 2005. Today it is very difficult to find extreme performance summer tires for 16-inch wheels, as the recent trend is bigger and bigger wheel diameters.

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