Thursday, October 5, 2017

lo mein with abalone

This is a dish that I didn't plan for.

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping in one of my regular Asian store and saw this canned abalone. I normally shy away from them as you just never know what you get inside the can. Typically they are extremely expensive, but not this time. I thought I could take a small chance.

Weeks would go by with it sitting in the pantry until today. I thought I would open the can and find out how badly I was ripped off.

the can of abalone from Mexico - yes Mexico

I was very surprise to see there is more than one tiny abalone inside the can; I spooned out a bit of juice and tasted it and it is delicious

there are not one, but 4 abalones with one quite large

I decided to make a abalone lo mein out of it; I only need two of the small ones and a bit of the juice that is full of umami

5 minutes later I have a plate of delicious abalone lo mein

In addition to the abalones and the juice, I added some good quality oyster sauce, olive oil, and small dash of soy sauce for seasoning. If you don't know what is lo mein, just think of it is a noodle dish with a savory sauce. It is a bit like Japanese tsukemen but with very little liquid. It is also quite similar to Italian's carbonara in which the centerpiece is the pasta.

I can eat ten serving of these in a row if I have weak will.

I am going to go back to the store and snap up more of these cans, with luck if there are still some left.

I went and cleaned out the shelf in the store when I went grocery shopping. 10 cans in all.

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