Monday, July 23, 2018

trailer prep of brunnhilde - part 3

In the previous post I couldn't finish the electrical wiring of the trailer brake controller. While I safely powered it up and did some simple tests I used a temporary blade type fuse. I didn't have the self-resetting breaker at the time to finish the wiring.
The  self-resetting breaker arrived and I proceeded to install it. I want a location where I can access it without having to remove the driver seat, so I came up with a way to mount it in the fuse panel behind the plastic access door. As one side of the breaker is the starting battery B+ the installation must be extremely secure and leave no chance to accidental short circuit.

the self-resetting breaker

I happen to have a piece of angle aluminum of the exact length for use as a supporting rail

I used locknuts so there is no chance the breaker would come loose and fall off

there are these two existing hole on the seat frame that I can utilize to fasten the aluminum support rail

I secure the aluminum rail to the seat frame utilizing the two existing screw holes

the upstream terminal of the breaker is connected to the starting battery B+

a professional installation accomplished

In this entire trailer brake controller installation, I didn't cut or drill any hole. Everything I did is completely reversible to original, including the ashtray assembly.

with the help of my neighbor, we put the seat back - I hauled it out all by myself and it is very heavy and awkward; I have never notice until now that the seat is made by Isringhausen (ISRI)

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