Thursday, August 23, 2018

mini at HPDE - part 3

Mini has been a victim of prejudice at HPDE events. The corner workers are the nicest people but best people makes mistake too. They are so accustomed to seeing slow Mini's that when they see a high power car somewhat near the tail of Desire they tend to give us the give-point-by flag. This happen countless times this Friday. Also when Desire was short of climbing up the arse of the higher power car ahead, one corner worker consistently not give flag to that car that have been holding us back in turns leading up to the straight.
My Mini dreams to be a full time track car, but I would'nt let it - hence a street car named Desire.

Mini snagged a front spot in the grid just behind two very fast M3s - we were waiting for tech inspection

What to do? Desire resorts to witchcraft. 4 times this two days after we gave point-by to cars and drivers very comparable to us they immediately spun out at the next turn. Desire just waved the sorcery wand and said "Arresto Momentum", which according to the Harry Potter's Wiki "Used to decrease the velocity of a moving target". Arresto Momentum for English speaker is easy to recognize - halt that momentum. The yellow 3.2 litre Porsche 911 suffered this fate not once, but twice. The second time it narrowly escaped the tire wall mowing dry grass at 70+ MPH.

in this video the sequence starts at the end of lap 11 (18:10) after we gave the point-by at the front straight

in this video the sequence starts at mid way of lap 32 (7:54) after we gave the point-by at the back straight

Both instance we were compelled to give point-by by the corner worker's flag.

We had our season's best time by improving 1 whole second with a 1:35.21 at lap 38 in the second video. It occur at the last lap of the last session.

I only have a short few minutes long GoPro video as the crap Hero 5 Black must had overheated from being charged and recording and shut itself down.

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