Thursday, August 9, 2018

mini at HPDE

Of over 30 days of summer heat and 10 consecutive of 90+ F days, today is the first cool day, which happen to be a full burrito day at PIR that I signed up over a month ago. Only 2 R53 Mini's. It was overcast all day starting at circa 65F with very light drizzle. The day never exceed 70F but I managed to boil Motul 600 again. I am going to put in the SS caliper pistons.
getting ready for a day of fun and excitement - I love this little car

only two Mini's, and both are R53.2

as always many Miata's

warming up a burrito for lunch

this race car is built locally here

Mini did pretty well compared to many higher specs cars


  1. What mod has helped the most? Or did you do blower pulley and brakes at the same time as LSD and can't separate the individual changes?

  2. All my improvements are quite mild. If I were to only allow to choose few, I would pick tires, springs, dampers, rear sway bar, brakes, and control arm bushings. The 15% pulley and LSD is probably least important. However they all contribute to different aspects of a better performance car. So one really cannot separate them out as that will make that aspect weaker. It is very well sorted now.