Monday, August 13, 2018

mini love - part 44

This is actually a draft that I started from over 4 months ago. 4 months is a very long time with the Mini. I actually have been posting on a Mini forum in the last few months instead of my blog. I want to have everything on my blog as I don't trust the longevity of forums given how the world has gone "social".

What is this post all about? I actually forgot where I left off in the last post, so I just have to go by the photos that I inserted 4 months ago. It is the installation of a CoolerWorx short shifter. The mechanical installation of the shifter turned out the be the easiest part. The modification of the floor console and trim pieces turns out to be most labor-intensive if you want the Mini to look professional and factory.

this is the bottom cover of the OE shifter - of course just about everything is made of plastic; which as always is very impressive for cost/performance and reliability

I was not looking forward to the modification of the trim pieces as it require careful planning and execution, as well as workmanship; think good plastic surgery

there will be a lot of cutting which will significantly compromise the mechanical integrity

the console sits onto the base

the piece to the right is the base

I love this OE stock shift knob

I thought making a carton template of the base might help

the red markings are show roughly where the cut lines are but of course they are no where represent exactly where the cuts need to be made

Mini and I went for a spring cruise and stop by this local German dairy

mini at kids' go kart track

I like this petrol station's modern architecture

the Fein Multimaster is the ideal tool for precision cutting of thermal plastic

the key is cut way shy of what is necessary as you cannot add back if you cut too much off

this is just the base and is the easiest part but still a lot of repetitive trial and error

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