Friday, February 9, 2018

new display monitor - part 2

Last year I upgraded one of my 24-inch Dell IPS monitors to a newer model with LED backlight, as one had a problem with the DVI interface. I purchased a Dell U2412M. It is a 1920x1200 monitor that Dell sells to enterprise and governments, not the typical 1920x1080 consumer monitors. While it is no where the resolution of the 5k display of the 5k iMac, it is the best value.

After a few months of use I can no longer put up with the yellow tint of the other old Dell monitor that has cold cathode ray backlight. I found the same one with a Amazon Warehouse Inc deal and decided to take a chance and save some money.

the box looked a bit rough

 but everything is there

soon I would find the reason for the discount - the top left hand corner has a slight dent; I am fine with it given the cost saving

this is the one that will replace the old one mounted onto the monitor arm

the two monitors are generations apart (about 15 years) and the new one is a few pounds lighter than the old (18.5 lb)

I took this photo as it is often hard to see the ports when I need to access them

Dell has retaind the same design for the VESA mount design

as the new monitor is much lighter I had to adjust the monitor arm force

I paid a lot of money for this arm in late 1990s. It is most elegant and still is. I would like to get another one to free up some desktop space. The problem is the same arm now can only be found in black. I cannot understand the obsession with everything black in this continent.

I just did some searching and this series of monitor arm is no longer in production. I would have to find a used one.

the monitor arm is mounted onto the accessory bar that is a part of the Vitra modular desk system

the black thing below the primary monitor is an Aiwa CD radio which I use a PC speakers

Update - 2018 Feb 10:
For the fear of the supply this monitor arm drying up I started searching the web for one. It turns out one can still purchase it. The similar design, with many models, is sold under the name of Innovate and Anthro. Anthro no longer sell this, but Innovate does. The one that can support up to 37 lb, which is what I have if memory serves are used by many for 27-inch iMac. It can still be purchase in black, silver, and white. The price is about 1/3 what I paid for mine adjusted for inflation.

I scoured eBay and found one used. I figure I can certain use another one should I want to mount the 5k iMac on a monitor arm. The iMac now has eliminated the standard VESA mount for the clean look. Apple will sell you a very pricey adapter. Nowadays few individuals like me buy monitor arms. The newer designs are no where as nice for keeping the price points low. Also for an iMac that weight close to 30 lb the torque at full extension is 60 lb-ft. My offer for the used one is accepted, and I am really looking forward to lift the second monitor off the desktop to free up more precious surface.

the Vitra modular desk with a first gen Samsung 24-inch 1920x1200 monitor that weights in at about 28 pounds

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