Sunday, June 16, 2019

home made dimsum 點心 - part 2

I actually home many posts I have written of making my own dim sum 點心. I have been improving my recipes, techniques, and variety. Now I no longer feel the need to travel to Richmond for some genuine Hong Kong dim sum. Mine is as good as some of the best taste wise and I only use wholesome ingredients. While that are challenges in obtaining certain ingredients I work around them.

I made everything from scratch down to grinding the meat, hand cutting all other ingredients. The only things that I don't make from scratch are some wrappers. I like hand cutting ingredients instead of using machine as this gives the authentic old world mouth feel and quality. I use only wild sea shrimps which no restaurant would because of cost.

stewing pig mau

stewing shitake mushrooms

fish mau

I recently prepared a dim sum lunch for a party of 22 people at the race track for the members and staff. I became the instant celebrity.

this is a teste sample to check proper seasoning

this is the batch of siu mai that I made for the party

here I was making a smaller batch at home for myself

As I don't write down my recipes some times I left something out and only to realize it when tasting the first piece. In this case I forgot the shitake mushrooms which is very important. Not too late as I can stew up some and add to the mixture.

these are the last six of the excellent sui mai

they tend to look pale when first came out of the steamer

the color improved after the excess moisture escaped

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