Friday, June 2, 2017

mini love - part 13

The hydraulic engine mount on the Mini sprung a leak. I happened to notice the brown liquid while checking the engine bay. I would find out the average life is 40,000 miles. Mine failed right at 42,250 miles.

It did not fail catastrophically but I could feel the car did not ride the same. Immediately order an OE replacement from Pelican yesterday morning. While waiting for the part to arrive I continue to drive the Mini. Yesterday I went for a short shopping trip nearby and on the way there is this railway track which the Mini has negotiate with poise at speed since the suspension modification. As I went over it yesterday I could not believe the difference. The car rattled badly as if all the shock absorbers were bad. It was quite violent that I was afraid something bad may happen. I came home and immediately popped the bonnet to check. No damage were done but I now know I should avoid going over rough surfaces until the engine mount is replaced.

Although the hydraulic engine mount failed, there is a piece of rubber pad that acts as cushion but that is far from adequate. This was a valuable lesson to experience first hand the important function of the fluid filled engine mount.

This morning the new part arrived and I was very surprised. It arrived so fast as it was drop-shipped locally only 6 miles away from a local auto parts wholesaler.

Changing the engine mount is like cakewalk, because I know the car so well now from the recent modifications to the drivetrain. I am glad that I decided to take on the entire project myself. If not because of that experience I would dread that it would be a difficult job to replace the mount.

replacement of the hydraulic engine mount requires putting the Mini up on jack stands

the engine mount bracket can be removed after a jack is place under the oil pan to support the engine at the side of the hydraulic mount

this is the long bolt that fasten the bottom of the mount to the chassis box beam - next time it should be replaced with a new bolt

the new part has a spot of paint to obscure some market - which obviously says "MINI"

the whole job should take about 1/2 hour if you are proficient

Just to be sure my experience was accurate, I went for a test drive and went over the same railway tracks. The difference is unmistakable. Again the Mini negotiate the tracks with poise, just like how it was from the improvement of the Swift springs, Koni dampers, and the big rear sway bar.

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