Wednesday, January 10, 2018

dishes with asian flowering chive

I used to be not too keen on this Asian flowering chives. I felt they are too sweet, but recently it grew on me because of their garlic sharpness. Being sweet they are not like dishes prepared with excessive man made sugar. Their sweetness is like onion sweetness. I came across some very good batch and I bought them a few times. Calling them flowering chives is a bit of a stretch. They have the flower buds but you wouldn't want them if the buds begin to open.

I made a few meals of this dish with poached mahi mahi and shellfish

mahi mahi can be quite dry if you overcook it; this dish also has razor clam

a stir fried dish; the timing of how long to fry the chives is key as you want them to be somewhat crunchy but not raw

a soup-like dish with flowering chives

As I have been really into using fried gluten dough (seitan) I was wondering what gluten-free diet readers might think or comment. Today I found this really in depth article on New Yorker that is an excellent read.

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